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Wizard of Legend is straightforward: go in a room, unleash your awesome spells to kill everything in it, and then collect the spoils before moving onto the next. There's no armour to upgrade or stats to manage, just a ton of magic-fuelled carnage. It's all very repetitive, but the game's action feels so satisfying I haven't found myself getting bored of shredding demonic knights and giant enemy blobs with deadly combinations of ice spears and lightning blasts.


Thank god for Atlus, which continues to give me reasons to use my 3DS. Lately I've been obsessively playing Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, a remake of the 2010 dungeon crawler that is kinda what would happen if you combined the sci-fi mystery Annihilation with a ton of demons. The game is a great pick-up for those of you who like JRPGs.