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As hardware and technology has gotten better, developers have spent more time chasing photorealistic looks, improved effects and highly detailed textures.

But sometimes, you can add too much to a game.


Metroid games have a cult following, but the backtracking, secret areas and puzzles can be a little too frustrating for some. And that was the case for dunkey, who wondered why Metroid 2 was the game that kept getting so much love. Until he played Samus Returns.


If you're hoping to avoid spoilers for the new Resident Evil, this probably isn't the video to watch. But if you'd like to enjoy a less spookier take on a horror game, dunkey's got you covered.


The acclaimed YouTuber Dunkey has a special place in the League of Legends universe for consistently producing some of the best, and definitely the funniest, material in the game's massive community. But he might stop making League videos, because he was recently banned from the game for "toxic behaviour."