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If you woke up this morning and checked the internet you would have seen the news that EA Access, the corporation's subscription service for Xbox One that provides early access to new EA releases and permanent access to older titles, is becoming available for users on PC.

Unfortunately, it's not available in Australia just yet.


That didn't take long! Electronic Arts just said its newly-announced subscription service EA Access is officially live on the Xbox One. That means all gamers who own Microsoft's current-gen console can download the app through the app store and start using it today for $6.99 in Australia, or a full-year subscription for $39.99.


Last week, Electronic Arts announced a new online gaming service called EA Access for the Xbox One. It sounded like a promising deal to many gamers: a Netflix-style subscription service that would give people access to a library of EA games for $US5 a month, or $US30 a year. But many important questions remained unanswered.