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Just in time to help us mindlessly while away the winter holidays, Earth Defence Force 5 for the PS4 brings players back to the stupidest version of our planet possible. The giant insects no one calls insects are back, and this time they’ve brought 6.10m tall frogs that look “just like us.” I’m face-palming, but it’s an affectionate face-palming.


When a series has an impact on you as a player, it’s usually because of something deep, or moving, impactful in a way you never imagined possible. The twist in Bioshock. Leaving the Vault in Fallout 3. The Last of Us’ sudden, shocking ending. You really wouldn’t expect the same level of reverence to apply to a cheap-and-cheerful series of games where you shoot giant ants, fire rocket launchers at UFOs and destroy entire cities for no real reason other than because you can.