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When most games today focus on streamlined experiences that promote steady progress, there’s something almost anachronistic about the roguelike, with its constant restarts and uneven level design. And yet it’s in this environment that the formula has blossomed and spread into countless different genres, precisely because of those factors. With this summer’s Dead Cells the latest of its kind to find success, it’s clear that there are still countless ways to tweak that formula into subtly different, compelling results.


Yesterday, Enter the Gungeon finally received its long-awaited Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update, a free second major expansion that completely revitalises the 2016 game. It feels like Dodge Rolls’ roguelike shoot’em up came out forever ago, but playing it again this week it feels completely new again.


On Christmas, like many people all around the world, I spent some quality time with my siblings hunched around a video game. During a standard run through one of Super Mario 3D World’s many colourful levels, my sister asked if it was weird for Mario to be running around and attacking a bunch of cute creatures minding their own business.


Enter The Gungeon released on the Nintendo Switch last week, and they go great together. Despite a few bugs and some little niggling issues with the controls (which are 100% remappable) the overall experience is great. It's also the most approachable version of the game thanks to some balancing tweaks that haven't yet hit the PS4, Xbox One, or PC versions.