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Another year, another twelve months filled with new game releases, extravagant gaming events, and big hardware releases. How can anyone hope to keep them all straight? Kotaku's 2012 Gamer's Calendar is here to help.


With many of Sydney's arcades closing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a wide range of arcade machines all in the same place. Cue Insert Coins: a new, monthly event that brings together arcade machines, games, art, drinks, and music. The best part? It launches tomorrow.


Gamers from around the world descend upon Cologne, Germany this week for the world's largest public celebration of gaming, and Kotaku will be bringing you live coverage starting tomorrow and lasting until the last Euro-cosplayer washes the colour from their hair.


Later this year, Call of Duty fans will be able to shoot up their friends in real-world, life-sized replicas of two of the game's maps, grab a bite to eat at the game's fictional burger joint and get their hands on Modern Warfare 3 months before its release as part of a video game convention designed to celebrate the franchise and its fans.


Blizzard's keeping its annual fan gathering late in the year, announcing BlizzCon 2011 will be held in Anaheim, California, on Friday, October 21, and Saturday, October 22. Look for tickets to sell out within minutes later this year.


The Pokémon Company International is taking over shopping destinations across the US to celebrate the impending release of Pokémon Black And White, with giveaways, free movie screenings and people in uncomfortable costumes at every stop. Will they hit your shopping centre?