fall guys

Image: Mediatonic

Fall Guys’ New Mini-Game Variations Are Kicking My Arse

Earlier today, Fall Guys received a mid-season update meant to shake the game up before things get medieval. Mini-games that were previously a walk in the park have been remixed with new obstacles. As someone who had previously burnt out on the battle royale, this has been the perfect opportunity…

Screenshot: Fall Guys

Fall Guys Cheaters Were Sent To Cheater Island

Following in the footsteps of games like Apex Legends, Fall Guys developers Mediatonic decided that if people were going to cheat in their game, then they could all go somewhere off to the side and cheat together.

Fall Ball is the best mini-game in Fall Guys. No, I will not be answering any questions. (Screenshot: Mediatonic)

Please Keep Making Silly Soccer Games

Alpaca Ball: Allstars is an upcoming soccer game from Austrian developer Salt Castle Studio. It features alpaca using their long necks as clubs to score goals. I will buy it when it launches on October 15. I hope developers never stop making games that are just “soccer but silly.”