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You've always been able to technically play Fallout Shelter on PC and Macs, thanks to the glory of Android emulators. But if you need another reason to dive into the vault, the game's officially available (for free, of course) on Windows 10 and Xbox One today.


Briefly: From PC to mobile and back again. Fallout Shelter, the hit iOS and Android game based on the popular post-apocalyptic setting, arrives on PC this Friday, alongside update 1.6, which brings new locations, new characters and quests.


As the year rolled on, it became increasingly obvious that 2015 was not going to be filled with the lacklustre levels of quality that disappointed so many in 2014. June didn't prove to be any more of a packed month than, well, June of any other year. But there was some definite highs -- and a few very obvious lows.


If you're one of the people who lined up at Apple Stores or gleefully had carriers ship a shiny new iPhone to your house or office, you'll undoubtedly be going through the process of getting all your apps and contacts running on your new device.

And since a new iPhone means new hardware, you'll probably be thinking about what kinds of games to play. So to help push your new handset to the limits, here's ten recommendations on what games you should download today to push your iPhone to the limit.


Fallout Shelter is fun, but only for a while; you tend to hit a wall once everyone's happy and you've built a lot of stuff. This would be the point most people uninstall the game, or at least ignore it, but HarrisonHutcheon had something more drastic in mind.