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We post a lot of cosplay pics here as part of this feature, but most of them tend to be from photoshoots. And don't get me wrong, while the results from those galleries are often fantastic, there's something I prefer about photos taken from a convention floor.


What's in store for this week's cosplay roundup? Well, we've got some Mass Effect. Some Attack on Titan. Some Kiki's Delivery Service (yes!), some Castlevania, some Alice. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without someone dressed as Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite.


I wonder if Irrational's artists had future cosplay potential in mind when they designed the character of Elizabeth. Because whether in her Columbia or Rapture outfits, she's fast becoming as popular as Final Fantasy and Zelda when it comes to dressing up.


Growing up in Russia in the 1980s and 90s, Dimitri Seizef was inspired by all kinds of dark, moody and dystopian fiction, from video games to movies to comic books. No wonder then that he's carried that love through to his cosplay business.


And so 2013 draws to a close. We've seen a ton of amazing cosplay in our weekly Fancy Pants feature, but what you're about to see is the very best of it.


I know, we end up posting a lot of Final Fantasy cosplay here on Fancy Pants, but that's mostly because there's just so damn much of it. It's rare that a Final Fantasy cosplayer can really stop me dead in my tracks, though, so hats off to neko-tin with this amazing Lighting Returns outfit, which is highlight of this week's collection of the best in cosplay.


I like to keep the cosplay related to video games where I can on Fancy Pants, but some days - or even some weeks - you've got to make exceptions. The week that included Halloween is one such exception.