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Learning To Like (Some) Video Game Chores

I was sceptical about the new(ish) 3DS game Fantasy Life back when our own Jason Schreier praised it as “the best to-do list I’ve ever played.” Too many games feel over-stuffed with too many chores as is — too many-no-fun-fetch-quests, too many collectibles, etc. But I’ve come around with this…

Fantasy Life Is The Best To-Do List I’ve Ever Played

Fantasy Life, released today by Nintendo for 3DS, is not so much a video game as it is a to-do list. Playing this game is akin to performing a series of increasingly difficult household chores. Some games ask you to slay demons or explore the frontiers of space; Fantasy Life…

In Fantasy Life, There Are More Ways To Be A Hero

In Fantasy Life, There Are More Ways To Be A Hero

Level 5’s newest game Fantasy Life is a whole new take on the JRPG genre. In the vast majority of RPGs, you play as either a magic user or a melee/ranged fighter killing every living creature you come across.