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EA doesn't publish indie games that often. And when they do, they tend to have a very distinct visual style. Case in point: Fe.


Could 2018 be as solid a year as 2017? Possibly not. But you couldn't piss off a gardener as a goose in 2017, there wasn't a new Mega Man game, and most people thought Telltale had forgotten about The Wolf Among Us entirely. And that's just some of what we can look forward to this year.


When Fe was first announced as one of EA's latest indie bets, it wasn't completely clear what exactly it was. There was a little creature making sounds at other, often bigger creatures, and a whole bunch of trees.

Behind closed doors at Gamescom this year, Fe creative director Hugo Bille explained that the idea is to recapture the spirit of being connected with nature. In practical terms, that entails a lot of exploration and discovery. But like an actual forest, you don't get much guidance along the way.