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Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, the revamped release of Square Enix's fancy-panted (and fancy-haired) RPG, will be with us this week. The exact date depends on your choice of retailer, with some adhering to March 7 to sync up with the US, while others are going early on March 6. If you're not super-fussed about being out by a day, price will be your next concern. Let's help you with that.


When I think about fishing, I think about relaxation: Chilling out somewhere beautiful in the sun, watching the shimmering water, waiting for fish to bite. Admittedly all of my real-life fishing experiences took place in the rain-drenched Highlands of Scotland and were absolutely horrendous, but video games are about escapism. I hadn't read much about Monster of the Deep, the Final Fantasy 15-themed VR fishing game, before playing it, so I assumed that would be the vibe.


Announced at NVIDIA's briefing ahead of Gamescom this week, Square Enix director Hajime Tabata announced that the company would be releasing the "Ultimate Version" of Final Fantasy XV for PC next year.


Final Fantasy 15, a Cup Noodles commercial cosplaying as a video game, got its first piece of downloadable content this week, and you really don't need to bother with it. It's short, straightforward and -- unless you're particularly attached to Gladio -- really boring.


If you, like many Final Fantasy 15 players, have been wondering just what happened to Gladiolus when he mysteriously left your party in Chapter 6, here's your answer: Episode Gladiolus, which comes out on March 28. Over the weekend, the developers at Square Enix released more info about the DLC as well as a new trailer (above) teasing Gladio's battle with the recurring Final Fantasy villain Gilgamesh.


Next week, Noctis will adorn his finest chocobo outfit for a trip to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, which starts on January 24 and transforms the city of Altissia into a theme park full of minigames. There's dancing, fishing, photography and, of course, machine-gun firing.