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NepentheZ is a popular YouTuber known for his FIFA videos featuring things like "#Top20 Fastest Players in #FIFA #17" and "FUTGALAXY - FIFA BETS, FIFA PACKS & FIFA 16 COINS!" where he does breakdowns of player abilities, stat comparisons, and also promotes gambling sites.


David Bytheway, 22, is now on the books at VfL Wolfsburg. VfL Wolfsburg is one of the best football teams in one of the best leagues on the planet, and now it is branching out from actual team sports into the world of esports.


Remember this bloke? How could you not. He LOVES the internet, after all. And he particularly loves selling things on the internet.

OK, so maybe I'm being a little cheeky this morning. I really need some coffee. But while I make that, let's hear Harvey out on something they're doing with the Xbox One. It's actually kind of good value.


Fresh after a historic World Cup campaign, and not too long after EA announced this would be the first FIFA game to include women's football, Steph Catley has been announced as our new local cover athlete. She'll appear alongside Lionel Messi.


The corruption scandal rocking FIFA since last night has produced plenty of jokes at the expense of the world's leading football/soccer organisation. It also produced some unlikely cover ideas for this year's edition of the FIFA video game, too. Hard to see EA picking any of these, though.