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If you're still coping with the misery of yet another "gallant" Socceroos defeat, then here's the best possible thing to cheer you up: FIFA glitches.


It's World Cup time, which means we'll be seeing a lot more soccer - and virtual soccer - than usual. But if you're feeling a bit patriotic when it comes to FIFA 18, you might notice that something looks a bit ... off.


Electronic Arts takes a lot of shit from a lot of people for many of its business practices. So its decision to just give away a big FIFA 18 World Cup update - something they used to charge for - is a pleasant surprise.


Loot boxes in FIFA 18, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are now illegal in Belgium, with the country's legislators declaring today that if the games' publishers don't remove the offending microtransactions, people behind the games could face fines and even time behind bars.


It's a cliche at this point: Every esports experience starts with you sitting in your DXRacer gaming chair, watching some Dota 2 footage in Windows Media Player, with a half-eaten pizza and several print magazines on either side. Then, a redheaded babe wearing a peaked cap and stiletto pumps rings your doorbell to deliver your VR headset.


The lowest possible rating a FIFA 18 player can have is 46 out of 100, and there are 10 players plumbing these depths. Nine of them, including Grimsby Town's Max Wright and Scunthorpe United's Leslie Sackey, are professional athletes. The tenth is a former youth goalkeeper roped in to get around an administrative loophole.


You know what time of year it is: the week in the calendar where everything goes full sports, and old favourites re-appear. FIFA 18 drops on Friday, but for nostalgics it will be the release of the Mini SNES (and Star Fox 2) that has the biggest appeal.

Beyond that, it's a bit of a quiet week. There are some major titles before Friday though: a Total Warhammer sequel, Cuphead, Ruiner, another Danganronpa game, and One Piece comes to the Switch. Here's This Week In Games.