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Everyone's favourite demonic clown is now a boss in Final Fantasy 14, a hodgepodge of Final Fantasy fanfiction that also substitutes as an MMO. Today's patch 4.2 adds a bunch of new content to the game, including our lord and saviour Kefka.


The Stormblood expansion for Final Fantasy 14 introduces two new jobs to the massively multiplayer RPG -- Red Mage and Samurai. To access them you don't have to rush through days of story quests and journey to new lands. You just have to be level 50 and talk to the right people.


A substantial patch for Final Fantasy 14 just went live, changing up the MMORPG's party system in a big way. Players had complained that it was a little sterile, with minimal options for customisation. Now, players can recruit each other for cross-server parties, form password-protected private parties and keep their Chocobo companions summoned when they have registered for duties.


Wanderer Sabaku met me at the foot of his mansion's grand double stairway on the Diabolos server of Final Fantasy 14. He was nearly twice my size and towered in a purple floor-length coat. A crown sat on his blue-grey head. He welcomed me from behind a partition and led me down some winding stairs into the basement, which opened onto a theatre. It was his theatre, where, on December 31 and January 1, he will direct a full-scale, in-game production of "I Want to Be Your Canary", a play from Final Fantasy 9.


It's time for a graphical showdown, MMO style. If you are curious about the different versions of Final Fantasy XIV, particularly when it comes to the visuals, then you should watch this comparison video by IGN. To me, it seems like the differences between all the versions aren't too pronounced -- but obviously the PS3 version doesn't quite look as good as the PS4 and PC versions of Final Fantasy XIV.