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This Is The Best Final Fantasy V Merch

As a well-known appreciator of Final Fantasy V, to the point where I wrote a whole book about it, I love that Japan feels the same way to the point that there’s actually a market for this very specific merch based on this 1992 Super Famicom game.

A Peek Inside Final Fantasy’s Ultimania Art Book, Now In English

In 2012, Square Enix Japan published a trio of Final Fantasy 25th Memorial Ultimania books collecting art, developer commentary and background information on the first 14 numbered Final Fantasy games. Now Dark Horse is publishing the books in English, with the first 336 page volume arriving in July. We have…

Final Fantasy V Is Coming To PC

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy V is coming to PC on September 24 via Steam. Looks like it will use those awful smudgey graphics from the iOS version, unfortunately. This version will also include the extra dungeon (Sealed Temple) and secret boss (Enuo).