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We Filled Retro Monsters Full Of Lead In Strafe

Strafe is a fond throwback to games like Quake and Doom. Seeking to capture all bloody fun of old school shooters, it has one hell of a shotgun and a lot of baddies to blast into bits. Heather and Chris sat down to take on its twisting corridors in this…

Fallout 4’s Power Armour Is Better Than Ever

I remember the first time I saw Power Armour, back in Fallout 2. Frank Horrigan, the game’s villain, mowed down a group of innocents right in front of my eyes. It was horrifying, but the message was clear: you don’t mess with Frank.

Video Games Get Gun Silencers All Wrong

You round a corner. You think you’re in the clear but — oh no! — an enemy is standing guard. How will you ever bring him down without alerting other guards? Aha, your pistol has a silencer. One mouse squeak gun shot later and you’re free. Except that’s not how…