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2018 has been a blur for me. It may just be that I’m in the last year of my twenties, or it could be that extreme events just did not stop happening this year.
As with any year, I took refuge in games when I wanted to relax, enjoy myself, socialise with friends, or just check out of reality for a while.


Apple is ending its affiliate program for apps, which could mean the end of review sites such as TouchArcade that have relied on a cut from Apple to keep their mobile game review sites afloat. The tech giant made the announcement in its August newsletter saying that members of the program will stop receiving commissions starting October 1, a move the editor of TouchArcade, Eli Hodapp, called a “big middle finger” to his site and others like it.


Florence, from the same lead designer behind Monument Valley, is an adorable game about two people falling in love. It launched earlier this year, and the studio has gone on to reveal some of the inspirations - and stunning art - behind the game.