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For Honor’s Marching Fire update went live this week. While some of the changes it brings can be quite granular, when taken as whole it offers a substantial refresh of Ubisoft’s 20-month-old medieval brawler. For those willing to pay, there are four new fighters. For everyone else, there’s an overhaul of the game’s graphics, as well as the introduction of its best competitive mode yet.


Fatmooch69 has spent the last couple of weeks searching for a bot in For Honor. The AI in question is a Raider, one of the game’s two-handed axe wielding vikings, called TheeLizardWizard. Fotmooch69 has enlisted other Reddit users to help him, asking them to share screenshots if they ever encounter it. That’s because TheeLizardWizard is a tribute to a close friend of his called “B”, who he says died last autumn.


The most interesting moment from a new documentary about the making of For Honour comes just over 70 minutes in when the team at Ubisoft Montreal is celebrating the game getting certified on Xbox One and PS4.

Speeches have been made and the champagne is flowing freely when the game's then creative director Jason VandenBerghe turns to the studio's CEO, Yannis Mallat, and says "You'll forgive me if I don't dance on my own grave."


Teaming up with another bruised and bloodied player to take on For Honor's General Tozen last night was one of the most satisfying things I've done in the game in a long time. It's part of a new mode that publisher Ubisoft says is temporary but that players are already hoping will stick around for good.


Medieval fighting game For Honor is finally adjusting its ambitious and controversial online system and adding dedicated servers. The move, announced today, follows months of player complaints that the online-only fighting game's connectivity issues made it too frustrating to play.