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From PUBG’s rough military edge to the sleek action of Apex Legends, it seems there’s a battle royale for everyone now. What goes into making a great battle royale game? A few of us sat down to talk about what we want from our virtual bloodsports.


Fortnite is arguably the biggest game in the world right now. It certainly feels like it is. Nearly everywhere I look I see kids doing Fornite dances, ads for the game, people streaming the game and even Halloween costumes. But it also seems like most folks are focused on Battle Royale and not the other mode found in Fortnite, Save The World.

Which I think is a shame. Save The World is really good and I think more people should play it.


It turns out that people playing Fortnite at 30 frames per second are at a slight disadvantage in shootouts compared to opponents who are operating at higher frame rates. Speculation on the subject has been going on for some time in the Fortnite community, but a recent test by Digital Foundry has introduced some interesting new data into the discussion.


A prominent Fortnite leak website run by a teenager has shut down its Twitter account, claiming that Epic Games threatened legal action. The move appears to be one in a string of hardline enforcement decisions by the company against younger players who the company claims violate their terms of service with cheats or mods.

As first reported by Eurogamer, FNBRLeaks is shutting down social media feeds after being contacted by Epic Games. Site proprietor “Preston” announced the closures via a Twitlonger post earlier today.


For the last couple weeks, cube monsters have been rampaging through Fortnite matches (don’t call them zombies or you’ll hurt Epic Games’ feelings). But on Sunday, they, along with their namesake, disappeared from the game.

It was beautiful, but I was sad. Cube monsters have been my favourite thing to happen to the game since the introduction of the game’s 50v50 mode nearly a year ago. So I was relieved when I woke up this morning and learned they’d be sticking around for a little bit longer in the game’s new limited time mode, Team Terror.


Fortnite’s newest limited-time mode, Getaway, feels a bit like a mini-crash course in everything you need to know if you want to win in the main battle royale.

The capture the flag-esque mode is full of dangerous drops and surprising turns of fortune. Matches are short but packed with new surprises. If you wanted something faster-paced than the main game, this is the mode for you.


I have yet to make it through the entire three minute fan movie currently playing on loop in the northeastern part of Fortnite's map without getting shot in the back, but that's part of the fun. The game's V5.30 patch hit recently, bringing new items and modes, as well as a working projector to Risky Reels, the game's drive-thru movie theatre.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds keeps on expanding, adding new guns and maps that change the game’s pace into something faster than before. The game now has new rules for armour loot drops and tweaks to the dreaded blue zone.

PUBG’s latest event mode, Early Access Memories, brings back many of the game’s rough edges. Playing it reminded me why I fell in love with the game in the first place.