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Epic Games has confirmed that when Fortnite Battle Royale releases on Android phones it won’t be sold through the Google Play store. In an email to The Verge, CEO Tim Sweeney said this was in part to avoid the 30 per cent cut Google takes on in-app purchases for games sold through its storefront.


Fortnite’s latest update has made the skill of building forts or any other structures less relevant to success, leaving some players to lament that the thing that makes Fortnite unique is slowly disappearing.


Fortnite got a huge patch yesterday for the start of Season Five. Among other things such as the addition of portals and some changes to how challenges work, the game also got a new emote that effectively lets players golf.

For now, the mini-game feels barebones and disorganised. You have to keep score yourself and you will probably get shot while playing. But, for precisely those reasons, it feels oddly riveting.


With Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 5 update comes one feature that intrigued me a bit more than golf carts and portals. The option to enable motion controls for Switch made me curious to see how a game I’ve grown super familiar with would play. From the bit that I tried, motion controls are more useful than I anticipated.