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FRAMED, Australian indie darling, recipient of shit tons of awards (including that one time Hideo Kojima tweeted about it and said it was his favourite game of the year). Now it's about to get a sequel and if all goes well it'll hopefully be as incredible as the original.


I've been waiting for Framed for seemingly years now. As the awards and the plaudits rolled in, I just sort of sat there with my arms folded in an intense stare. When is it coming out? When is it coming out?

Then last night I got a message. "Hey Mark, Framed is coming out tonight!"

So yeah, Framed is now available on the Apple store. Just like that.


The Intel Level Up Game Developer Challenge is a competition run by Intel that invites developers to enter their alphas, demos, proof of concepts for the chance to win cash prizes. This year it had quite the array of celebrity judges including Tim Schafer and Chris Avellone. It turns out that a a handful of Australian teams managed to dominate the awards.