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Hi there. Fine Art has taken a little break this week with all the E3 madness, but now that things are quieting down it's time to bring it back. And it's a pleasure to be coming back with art from one of the year's biggest surprise hits, Frostpunk.


Frostpunk is an oppressive game where the world has been covered by snow and humans have to rely on ingenuity and sacrifice to survive. It's difficult, and it's kicking my arse so hard that I don't want to play it anymore. But like the frostpunks themselves, I persevere.


If you had told me months ago that a city builder about the remnants of 19th century England trying to survive the next ice age would sell hundreds of thousands of copies in its first week on Steam, I'd have guessed you were hallucinating from hypothermia. But that's exactly what Frostpunk did, and after spending all weekend with the game I'm not surprised.


At a certain point in Frostpunk you get the option to choose a path: Order or faith. This opens up a new set of laws you can enact, with their own progression. In my playthrough I chose faith. I haven't used it to much practical benefit, but I like having it around.


As a fan of any game with a temperature gauge, I've been excited about Frostpunk since the first snowy videos appeared. After playing a recent demo of the game's opening hours, Frostpunk seems like it's shaping up to be an interesting mix of city-building and survival.