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One wouldn't imagine the frantic slicing action of Halfbrick Studios' breakout mobile hit Fruit Ninja would translate well in the tabletop gaming space. Well surprise: In just under four hours, Lucky Duck Games has successfully raised $US10,500 ($13,481) to create not one but three different physical Fruit Ninja games.


I don't know about you, but the first time I laid fingertip to touchscreen and sliced my first grapefruit, I thought, this would work much better if I was just passively watching other people go on fruit-related adventures. Finally, that vision is realised.


In years gone by Halfbrick had a tradition.

When an employee decided to leave there was a farewell. A slideshow, a card signed by everyone. A speech -- a celebration -- topped off by a ceremonial bag stuffed full of marshmallows. Weird, flippant by design. A sense of closure to dedicated service in pursuit of one unified goal: The creation of unique, innovative video game experiences.

A gesture reflective of the experience that, from the outside in, you might expect from a company like Halfbrick.