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Kicking off in 1986, Lucasarts presided over an era (running until around the year 2000) in which they were the adventure game Kings, releasing a string of titles that remain all-time classics even decades later.


In California there's always a Full Throttle sunset waiting for me in the middle of the road. There are never Lucasarts toy bunnies waiting to disrupt my ride, no credits roll over the windscreen. But there's that thick, clotted layer of Californian tarmac.


The golden age of adventure games may be long behind us (though Telltale is doing a good job of carrying the banner), but stories behind SCUMM, the technology that drove classics including Maniac Mansion, Full Throttle and Sam & Max: Hit the Road continue to pop up every so often. The latest yarn comes from Aric Wilmunder, who helped developed the engine with Ron Gilbert.