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Infamous YouTuber Logan Paul started a Twitch channel yesterday, and he reached 100,000 followers without streaming once. If you go to the channel right now, the chat alternates between spamming racial slurs and ascii penises. Following the Fortnite bandwagon has turned into a mess for the Paul brothers.


On a snowy day last week, in a fancy hotel suite in Manhattan, I controlled Kratos in his newest PlayStation adventure. The new God of War is out in a month, yet the public has seen very little of it. The game is a drastic stylistic departure from the previous games in the series, so I figured you all might have some questions. I asked you on Twitter to ask me about the game. I answered a lot of your questions in my video.


Instead of giving players a deep, involved character creation tool, Sea of Thieves generates groups of eight pirate characters at a time, of which the player can choose one. One might think that would make character selection easier. One would be wrong.


Okay, nobody guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku. Let's see if today's hint for the same game jogs any memories.


It can be difficult, as a jaded adult, to appreciate a great fairy tale - one where the hero always wins and naivety is a character strength rather than something to grow out of. So it is with Ni no Kuni II. But if you can look past this game's more childish tendencies, you'll find a fairy tale worth experiencing.


The AFL season starts on Thursday evening, we're a few rounds into the 2018 NRL season and the A-League is drawing to a close. If I had to guess, I'd say right now is peak sportsball season in Australia.

So which game is best?


Kratos rests his palm on the trunk of a tall birch tree, its bark marked with a bright golden handprint. He stands in quiet, melancholy contemplation. No longer a virile young warrior overflowing with destructive fire, fine crow’s feet mark his face, his strength now staid. His enemies are long defeated and the surrounding forest lies cold and still, but the weight of his bloody past has settled on his shoulders. He lifts the Leviathan axe and hacks into the trunk, a mighty weapon made mundane.

This is a new God of War, and though I barely scratched the surface in the hour and a half I spent with him, what I experienced was promising.


It is a rite of passage for parents to dress their young children in humiliating outfits. So at a God of War preview last Wednesday, I sat down with Aaron Kauffman, Senior Community Manager and Marketing Producer at Santa Monica Studio, and asked my most pressing God of War question: Will I be able to dress my son as a potato?


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