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The next generation of consoles launches at the end of the year, but there are plenty of key questions to be answered before release. While exact details of Sony’s PlayStation 5 are yet to be confirmed outside of a snazzy logo, there is still a tonne of information out there. Here's what we know so far.


My Neighbor Totoro is a family favourite. Kids and adults alike love the story of two sisters in the idyllic Japanese countryside with magical creatures. But for some viewers, there's darkness seething underneath. Totoro is no cuddly critter. He is a killer.


AMD's finally ready to jump into the real-time ray traced game this year, so naturally, Nvidia needs a response. So it's rather timely that some leaks of the next Nvidia line would appear, sporting a decidedly mammoth 20GB GDDR6 RAM.


Loading screens often suck. They are a necessary part of playing large and complex video games, but they often break the flow of a game. Sometimes games find fun or interesting things to do with these waits. Dragon Quest Builders 2 uses these screens to showcase user creations and I love it so much.


Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves: the friendliest community in 2020. Ask about a new mouse. Talk about a movie you've seen recent. Get some advice on a new PC, ask for advice on a Switch indie, or just have a rant about something recently at work. Whatever your flavour, you'll find a friend to chat about it here.


This week on (the first!) Snapshots, we have a Deathclaw chilling on a roof, a sad turtle, Batman going to heaven, a tiny little droid on a mission and more!


Having broken up with the Joker in the first episode of her new DC Universe series, Harley Quinn’s been spending her time in Gotham bonding with Poison Ivy and getting together a crew of criminals in order to make a go at becoming a member of the Legion of Doom. Harley’s all too ready to grow beyond her past with the Joker and yet, throughout the series, he continues to pop up both literally and in Harley’s mind, and honestly? It’s a good thing.