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GameLoading: Rise of the Indies has been a long time coming. It's survived two Kickstarters, multiple overseas trips and seemingly hundreds of interviews to create what looks to be an incisive and interesting feature-length documentary. I say "looks like" because I haven't actually seen it. Soon, thanks to a planned cinema showing, I'll be able to rectify that.


You might have heard of GameLoading before. It's a documentary focusing on indie games, being made by two Melbourne-based film makers. They ran a successful Kickstarter before, raising over $57,000, but in order to finish their project they need a little more. So they've started a second Kickstarter.

No wait! Don't go! It's worthwhile! They deserve your attention at least. I've watched an early 15 minute preview of what the team is producing, and I'm fairly certain you are going to want to see this documentary.