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"I actually tried to fight in armour myself," the game developer Daniel Vávra said. We were in the middle of a demonstration of his game in progress, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is nothing less than an attempt to make a no-magic, realistic answer to the epic role-playing game Skyrim -- set in a historically accurate recreation of 15th century Bohemia. Swords slide off armour or smash it, rather than effortlessly slicing through it. Stamina fades fast.


Attendees at a GamerGate meetup were forced to evacuate a bar in Washington, DC last night after police showed up, according to people who were there. Workers at the bar told patrons they were conducting a fire drill, attendees say, but as people left the building, they found police officers standing outside.


The Honey Badger Brigade, a group of men and women sympathetic to men's rights activism and calling itself a collective in favour of artistic expression, had its booth removed from the ongoing Calgary Expo today for reportedly disrupting panels and associating with GamerGate.


I don’t think I was the only journalist harbouring a little trepidation.

In the context, in the midst of the culture war that is #gamergate (hashtag ‘Gamergate’) I wasn’t sure what to expect. A bludgeoning? Verbal assaults? This was PAX Australia. This was to be a congregation filled with people who play video games seriously, who take video games seriously. At the very least I expected to be cornered at some point and asked that question turned statement turned meme:

“What about ethics in video game journalism?”


I know many people who don't like Gamergate who are tired of it. They're not alone. I was talking to a Gamergater last week who seemed tired: tired of all the tweeting, tired of all the arguing. I watched a video of a Gamergater who seemed downright exhausted. And then another; he seemed tired too.


Wikipedia would tell you that GamerGate is something to do with ants. Wikipedia, this week, is wrong. GamerGate, the latest name for an ongoing saga in and around the gaming community, is about a bunch of other things. Let's discuss, shall we?