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There was plenty of quality titles throughout 2015, with the year also marking the revitalisation of games that saw poor launches in the 12 months prior. (Hello, DRIVECLUB.) December wasn't without its own cache of riches either, with the Wii U in particular getting a couple of gems that ensured owners of every platform ended the year on a high.


This was it. For most people, this was what 2015 was all about: the month that Fallout finally launched. There was, of course, plenty of other titles to get emotionally invested in, but Fallout 4 was the big one.

If you looked a little harder though, there were plenty of smaller titles worth remembering. Lots, in fact. So let's go for a trip down memory lane.


Following a stellar September, October tried to set itself with a suite of releases worth remembering. But while there were some surprises and titles that were better than anticipated, the month was largely pockmarked by the launching of ports of games from other platforms.


September marks the beginning of the AAA season in most years, and 2015 certainly didn't disappoint with some big finales, much-needed expansions and some odd releases.


After the traditional quiet periods of June and July were broken up with some surprise indie darlings, including Her Story, Rocket League and the first launch of Fallout Shelter, August had a lot to live up to. And while it didn't deliver on raw numbers, there were a few surprises that definitely caught people's attention.


In contrast to Mark, the difficulty I had with this was keeping games that weren't released in 2015 off the list. I did a lot of exploring in 2015, and participating in a fortnightly game challenge also meant I was working through my back catalogue more than I ordinarily would have been.

But that's not to say that there weren't plenty of new releases worth paying attention to. If anything, 2015 has probably been the best year for releases since the launch of the new consoles. So without further delay, here's my unordered selection of what I thoroughly enjoyed from the last 12 months.


The first half of 2015 offered many unexpected riches, with remasters, ports of party Ouya titles and big budget games aplenty. But for many the month of July proved the most special of all, despite being as sparse on new releases as July traditionally is.


Some bad games are really fun to play. Games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls and Gears Of War are ridiculous and over the top and sometimes just straight out bad, but something about them still makes them entertaining to play. I expected Until Dawn to be one of these -- but as it turns out, Until Dawn is not a bad game.


Every time I think back to my time with Geralt on his quest to chase Ciri and the Wild Hunt, I always return to a single frame. It's the shot of the Bloody Baron sitting in his meagre throne, contemplating the failure of his marriage, the feeling of his fist against her flesh, recalling the pangs of her barbs.

It's an image that stayed with me through all of the game's faults and through the months that have passed since I saw the final screens. It's the most enduring image of any narrative I've experienced in a video game this year.

It might even be my favourite quest line of all time.


Rocket League is all about timing.

Beginners rush in like nine-year-olds on the soccer field, chasing the ball without thought for position. Experts wait, they evaluate, they choose the precise moment to strike and bam! Back of the net.


I made a concerted effort to enjoy games with a greater co-op vibe, following a substantial upgrade of my living room earlier this year. That involved purchasing a nice 60” TV and re-using some old PC parts to make a beefy Steam machine; I wasn’t about to let those efforts go to waste.

So I continued to explore. And one game still stands out, one that I’ve continued to enjoy over the months. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I grew up with lots of ducks.


As the year rolled on, it became increasingly obvious that 2015 was not going to be filled with the lacklustre levels of quality that disappointed so many in 2014. June didn't prove to be any more of a packed month than, well, June of any other year. But there was some definite highs -- and a few very obvious lows.


Two major titles characterised May this year for me, and it was an unusually stacked month even without having to dig through the indie pile. There was even some cracking titles released on mobiles, and the next-gen consoles also got some extra love with some notable ports.


The mammoth month of March was followed by a considerably quieter April, although there were a few titles worthy of attention.


February saw the first of the year's major AAA titles land -- or at least the ones that were delayed from 2014 -- but March was when gamers truly got to get excited. Sony got some more exclusives. Indie darlings dropped their long-awaited sequels. Some long-awaited Kickstarter projects were finally released to the public, and there was even a new Mario Party to crow about.


The latter months of 2014 was marked by a string of big-name releases being delayed, and February was the month when they started to drop. But as it turned out, some of them dropped more than just a release date.


It's coming to the end of the year, so let's remind ourselves about all the good -- and bad -- games that came out. Just in case, you know, some of them pop up for sale over Christmas.