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I've almost no doubt that I'm going to enjoy Batman Arkham Knight. It looks beautiful, the combat and mechanics still feel great, and it continues to nail the 'being Batman' thing perfectly. Having played it though I'd have liked to have spent less time in the Batmobile.


My problem with the Assassin's Creed games is that I always try to play them like stealth games, and Assassin's Creed is not a very good stealth game. It's a great action game, when it wants to be, but it's just not built for stealth as anything other than a side-mechanic. It's not adaptive enough; stray from the level designer's script for a second and you're screwed, drawn into running or fighting instead.


Today at Gamescom, EA revealed the singleplayer mode for the upcoming Battlefield game. The campaign stars Nick Mendoza, a detective from Miami, and the whole singleplayer mode is structured like a cops vs criminals TV drama, according to EA, with each level resembling a TV episode-like unit.


A Lord of The Rings game needs to feel epic. Like, gigantic armies and hordes of spiky armour-encrusted villains a dudes fighting on top of towers-level epic. Of all the trailers for Shadow of Mordor I've seen so far, this new one Sony dropped during its Gamescom presser hit the best note in this regard.


Briefly: DayZ is officially coming to the PlayStation 4, creator Dean Hall just announced during Sony's Gamescom press conference. PC gamers have been bragging about this nihilistic zombie-themed shooter for a while now, leaving the rest of us with an intense fear of missing out, or FOMO as the kids call it. No longer!


Finally, a nice meaty preview of the next game from the makers of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Remedy creative director Sam Lake introduced a live gameplay demo for Quantum Break from Gamescom this morning, which showed hero Jack Joyce using his special powers in combat.


Microsoft just announced that it's making a special channel for all things Halo related for the Xbox One. It's known simply as "The Halo Channel", and it looks like it will have lots of stuff to make fans of the shooter happy.