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For two years, we've wondered what Quantum Break actually is. Having seen it, I'm now worried that Quantum Break is a bland-looking shooter interrupted with 20-minute episodes of bad television at the end of every chapter. It should be so much better.


You can always rely on the Halo series to have great music, and even though it was a piecefrom the original game, hearing it kick in as Master Chief and the other three members of Blue Team hurtled through space towards a Covenant-infested ship in Halo 5 did make me go all gooey inside.


Mafia 3 made its first appearance this week at Gamescom, and beyond the scene-setting first trailer (which you can see below), the team at 2K Czech had a half-hour of city-roaming and third-person shooting to show off. I had mixed feelings about what I saw; its setting is great, the music and ambience are fantastic, but it also looked like exactly the same kind of open-world crime game that I've played many times before.


Since announcing Xbox Game Preview (Xbox's version of Early Access) at E3, Microsoft has had "a mad rush from the game development community" to be part of its pilot program, says the company's head of publishing Shannon Loftis -- even Microsoft itself plans to release its own first-party games through the service.