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Gamescom has been described as the event where Europe comes together to talk about games. Naturally, there's a lot of games on the show floor. I didn't get a chance to play everything, of course, but there was plenty that Australians won't have gotten a chance to get hands on with quite yet. So to save everyone time, here's a wrap-up of what I did get hands on with.


When Fe was first announced as one of EA's latest indie bets, it wasn't completely clear what exactly it was. There was a little creature making sounds at other, often bigger creatures, and a whole bunch of trees.

Behind closed doors at Gamescom this year, Fe creative director Hugo Bille explained that the idea is to recapture the spirit of being connected with nature. In practical terms, that entails a lot of exploration and discovery. But like an actual forest, you don't get much guidance along the way.


If you want the simplest summation of how things are coming along with the gargantuan project that is Star Citizen, here's 45 minutes from Cloud Imperium Games' presentation at Gamescom without annoying commentary or bugs.


Sure, nicer graphics and aiming with a mouse and keyboard is all well and good. But there's one thing about Destiny that always bugged me, something I won't have to worry about with the sequel.


At the end of a livestream celebrating 20 years of Age of Empires, it was revealed that Relic Entertainment - makers of the Dawn of War and Homeworld RTS series - were developing a new sequel to Age of Empires.


Announced at NVIDIA's briefing ahead of Gamescom this week, Square Enix director Hajime Tabata announced that the company would be releasing the "Ultimate Version" of Final Fantasy XV for PC next year.