gamescom 2018

  • Part Of Nvidia’s Pitch: Games Can Get Better Looking Over Time

    A shot of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus using variable content shaders, where shaders concentrate on parts of the image that are more prominent to the user. Image: Alex Walker/Kotaku About a hundred or so journalists, YouTubers and other tech media had just sat through about three hours of dense presentations. It was the middle…

  • C&C Rivals Is A Reminder Why People Dislike Mobile Games

    There was plenty of scepticism when EA announced that the C&C RTS franchise was getting a mobile revival this year, and understandably so. Free-to-play mobile games have to walk a fine line, one that balances fairness with the financial realities of development. Too often games veer on the wrong side of that divide, funnelling players…

  • Battlefield 5 Has A Problem And Its Name Is World War 3

    I got to play a good chunk of Battlefield 5 over the course of Gamescom, and the grand scale shooter is coming together largely as you’d expect. But I also got to play another indie FPS on the show floor, one that nearly replaced any excitement I might have had for DICE’s efforts.