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Lots of Overwatch fans read the game's proud, pink-haired Russian lady soldier Zarya as gay. While perhaps not a huge deal on its own, that interpretation conflicts with homophobic views widely held in Russia and backed by the state, forcing Russian Overwatch players to reconcile two clashing interpretations of a widely admired character.


The first thing that immediately stood out to me when I initially previewed Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon wasn't the neon, it wasn't the hark back to the ridiculousness of the 80's, it wasn't even the blood dragons themselves. That's because I didn't get to see much of any of that before being hit with a gay, possibly homophobic joke.


Words are powerful, but they also have the potential to evolve. I myself have been very guilty of using the word 'gay' in a derogatory way without really thinking about the impact of that word. My argument has always been that the word, in a certain context, has a different meaning - but is that a cop-out?


In 2005, comedian Masaki Sumitani became the most popular funny man in Japan. He dressed in a PVC hotpants, thrusting his pelvis as he exclaimed, "Fooohhh!" Little kids imitated the catchphrase, and Sumitani conquered the conquered the country.


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Players losing in Heroes of Newerth 2.0 may find that they've had their "cherry popped" or taken part in a "three way" if the person they're playing against purchased the PC game's "flamboyant" audio pack.