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  • And That’s Why Doctor Doom Is So Damn Awesome

    Doctor Doom’s schemes figure big into Gazillion Entertainment’s Diablo-esque Marvel Heroes. It makes sense — he’s second only to Galactus when it comes to go-to Marvel video game bad guys, and in this first instalment of the “Chronicles of Doom”, a four-part motion comic leading up to the game’s June 4 launch, Victor Von Doom…

  • True Marvel Heroes Tales Of A Level 15 Hawkguy

    The Avengers’ Hawkeye (lovingly referred to by comic scribe Matt Fraction as Hawkguy) gets a lot of flak from fans and movie-goers for being the guy with the bow and arrow trying to keep up with the equivalent of spandex-wearing gods, but I’ll pit my level 15 Hawkeye against your level 1 Hulk any day.