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Every now and again, the topic of cross-play between consoles and PC comes up. And just about every time, the same argument gets rolled out: it's a nice idea, but console players will get stomped, so it's not worth doing. Still, that's not stopping Gears of War 4 from merging PC and Xbox One players in their competitive modes.


It's almost as if the gods of competitive gaming knew we'd all be sitting around, so they made sure it was jam packed with tournaments to check out. DreamHack Winter 2016 kicked off in Sweden, with competitions for almost every game under the sun. There's also a big Heroes of the Storm event going on in Europe as well. But I want to start this weekend by highlighting the action going on in the world of competitive Gears of War 4.


Earlier this year Microsoft released the DX12-powered Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on PC, and it was a stuttering mess. Looks like Microsoft and developer The Coalition learned a lot from that debacle, because the Windows 10 version of Gears of War 4 runs like a proper PC release should.


Gears of War fans are set to get a taste of a new era of Gears multiplayer when the beta opens this April on Xbox One. For a game series that has built a strong community around its multiplayer, and is currently in the process of growing its eSports footprint, the two week beta is an important step in development of the first game from The Coalition Studio.


Okay, maybe they're only realistically proportioned in comparison to some of the characters from the previous trilogy, but you have to admit that they're a far cry from the military beefheads we're used to seeing in Gears games. Newly released details have given us a look at the world, the characters and snippets of the plot for Gears 4 -- most notably letting on that the mysterious 'JD' from Gears 4's E3 demo is actually 'JD Fenix', the son of Gears' biggest hero, Marcus Fenix.


2016 is looking to be an odd one for game releases, at least from this side of the year. Big AAA releases are few and far between, with no hugely anticipated games like last year's Fallout 4. Even Assassin's Creed is rumoured to be giving it a miss. In fact, one of the year's most anticipated games is No Man's Sky, being developed by a small team over in the UK. 2016 could easily turn out to be a great year for both indies and new IPs.