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Cecilia D'Anastasio: So Nintendo invited a bunch of Super Smash Bros. pros to showcase Smash 5 at E3 this year! And among some of my favourites - Armada, Zero and Hungrybox - are exactly no women.

I didn't notice an outcry. Frankly, it was about as surprising as walking outside and noticing the sky, which was very much not falling. Do you remember what you said when we were talking about the Invitational's competitors last week?


When CrackerJess, the wife of my Overwatch buddy CrackerJack*, heard there were no women in the Overwatch League, she was livid. She'd never played a first-person shooter before, preferring Lindy Hop dancing to long computer sessions yelling over a microphone.

She had no attachment to the scene, no serious gaming ambitions. What set her off, she said, was an official league's inability to find even one qualified woman for a position where "there is no reason girls shouldn't rank as high."