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"This team sucks," the Raynor player quipped once again. "I want to quit," he added a moment later. All I kept hearing was: I have the power to make your life miserable for the next twenty or thirty minutes, and I'm going to. But I wasn't going to let him.


I've had a bad losing streak going in League of Legends the past few nights, which made me realise a fundamental truth about the game and others like it: they're a lot less fun when you're not on the winning team. Uniquely so, I mean.


Sometimes you feel like you're so friggin' close to securing a kill in a game like Heroes of the Storm that you start to act a little... reckless. Other times, you're not actually that close to the kill at all; you just think you are. These are also known as the most embarrassing MOBA moments imaginable.