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For decades, The Lord of the Rings has been one of the world’s most influential and revered stories. While J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy series has been successfully adapted into a beloved film trilogy, the track record of video games set in Middle-Earth has been a bit more dubious.

From text-based adventures to movie-licensed tie-ins, from MMORPGs to real-time strategy games, over two dozen games have attempted to adapt The Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, precious few have been able to capture the magic of Tolkien’s work.


I've been playing a lot of Shadow of War lately, and like in Shadow of Mordor before it, Gollum just goes through the motions. He menaces, he cowers, he tries to bash somebody's head in with a rock. Then he says something zany and bounds away.

Gollum has become the Jar-Jar Binks of Middle-Earth.