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The fifth season of Game Of Thrones ended last week, which means another long, cold year of intolerable waiting. For the first time, even book readers are mostly in the dark, with the show all but catching up to the source material published thus far. To round out our weekly recaps, we got together to discuss the high-points and low-points of season five. Was it a successful season overall or has the show jumped the kraken? Here are our two cents...


Wow. Last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones saw the explosive return of the White Walkers. It was one of the most nail-biting moments in the show’s history and a cold reminder of the otherworldly fate that could soon befall all of Westeros. If you've been disappointed by Season 5 thus far, last night was the Lazarus-like comeback you've been waiting for -- literally.


“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

These gloating words, uttered by Ramsay Bolton in Season 3, aptly describe the tragic character arc of Sansa Stark. To date, the would-be queen of Westeros has been forced to endure the death of her pet direwolf, the execution of her father, endless abuse at the hands of Joffrey, the destruction of her ancestral home and the brutal slaughter of her remaining family. But last night’s episode served up the biggest ignobility yet. Winter has come for Sansa -- and it’s a cold, stone-hearted bitch.

Warning: Spoilers within!


Last night's episode of Game Of Thrones did not feature any big battle scenes, trademark character deaths or anything from King's Landing (Cersei), Dorne (Jaime) or Braavos (Arya). Nevertheless, it managed to be one of the better episodes of the season thus far. Read on for our full recap.

Warning: Spoilers within!


Last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones served up a teeming cauldron of fresh intrigue, plot twists and characters; all spiced with enough sex and violence to keep the most ardent HBO fan happy. In other words, it contained everything addicts of the show have come to crave – including a trademark shock death or two. (Noooo!) Read on for our full recap.

Warning: Spoilers within!


The fifth season of Game Of Thrones kicks off in a few hours' time and speculation is heating up on who will survive to the very end. In characteristically sadistic fashion, series creator George R. R. Martin has promised more shock deaths to come -- including characters who are still alive in the books! We asked our resident GoT expert to speculate on who will die this season and why...