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The After Hours update for GTA Online has been mostly well-received. The new nightclubs are fun, the hidden Easter eggs are cool, and the new music is a great way to make GTA Online feel fresh. But some fans seem less excited about—even angry at or afraid of—the future of GTA Online. Specifically, players seem worried about two upcoming but not-yet-officially announced vehicles that they fear might ruin the game’s free roam sessions.


Even without mods, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a violent game. You can run over human beings and animals, shoot people with powerful long range rifles, burn police officers alive with Molotovs, or even beat someone to death with a baseball bat. But some players desire more realistic and sometimes gory details.


This month marks the 10 year anniversary of GTA 4's release. The last time I visited the grimy streets of Liberty City was in 2013, a few hours before the launch of GTA V. Now in 2018 I decided to take a break from the sunny beaches of Los Santos and head back to the east coast. Would I remember my way around the city? Was anybody still there? Would anybody wanna go bowling?


A few nights ago, I was in a GTA Online stunt race in a packed lobby. Suddenly, I heard another player start losing it. He was upset about something called "kerb boosting." I'd never heard of it before, but as it turns out, some players exploit GTA Online's physics to push cars beyond their limits. While old, kerb boosting is a trick that still sparks arguments and meltdowns within the GTA community.


Karma Ingram wanted to transform Los Santos into something totally new and alien. So, he spent hours abusing a glitch to merge in-game props and lights. The process made his PS4 sound like a jet engine, as if it was struggling to keep up with this interstellar travel. Luckily, the PS4 didn't overheat even as he sculpted entirely new planets.


GTA Online might exist in a strange sci-fi scenario where different eras of time all exist at once. It is a timeline that suggests characters are dead and alive, and buildings are destroyed yet still standing. After years of updates, GTA Online makes no sense.


After waiting for nearly 20 minutes last night, I gave up trying to find a match of Tiny Racers. The mode, which recreates the feeling of driving RC cars, was added to GTA Online last year. Nobody plays it anymore. Actually, nobody seems to play most GTA Online modes. It's becoming a problem.


A line of sleek sports cars pulls into a small parking lot outside of a Los Santos Customs garage. The drivers get out, take photos, and boast about their cars. This is the beginning of a car meet, a type of event enjoyed by thousands of GTA Online gearheads who love racing, customising and showing off in-game hot rods.

This particular meet unfolds with things you might expect, like joy rides and pit stops, but because this is GTA Online, there's some shooting, too. Even the police get involved.


GTA Online is home to a community of people who dress up as animals and commit virtual crimes together. The Furry Army, which boasts a roster of nearly 200 members, is led by a red fox-cheetah hybrid, Vik Nightfox. Like anyone else, these players want to have fun in the wild streets of Los Santos, but the furry association automatically makes some folks fear, exclude and attack the crew.


Players have clamored for single-player GTA V DLC since its release, and four years later, none has arrived. Often, fans rationalized that the success of GTA Online was too immense for Rockstar to develop single-player DLC, and that doom and gloom around single-player games has only deepened this year.

Rockstar, however, says it is not abandoning the type of single-player content that has defined the studio in the past.


Four years after release, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still a massive hit that continues to appear on best-selling charts month after month. During that time, GTA Online, the multiplayer component, has gone on to overshadow the main game -- to the dismay of some fans. More overtly, GTA Online's updates have transformed the down-to-earth open-world game into something wild.


Cars in GTA Online can cost over a million dollars, but surprisingly, the most expensive vehicles are not the fastest. With over 400+ vehicles to choose from, each with its own stats and special abilities, GTA Online players are inundated by choice.

The game is updated often, so that number keeps going up. Fans looking for a new ride will likely consult one player in particular to see if a car is worth buying at all.