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Reckon you're pretty badass at Guitar Hero? The ol' plastic axe? Aching for those good old days of Guitar Hero 3, when you couldn't sleep through Expert tracks? Well Activision is giving you the chance to be crowned the ultimate Australian Warrior of Rock - with $10,000 for the winner, and a meet & greet with Metallica.


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Soundgarden's album Telephantasm will be inside the first million copies of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on September 28, so someone felt obligated to include the game in this animated video for the previously unreleased song "Black Rain".


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Technically all you need to know about the Quest Mode in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is that Gene Simmons from Kiss is in it, but some additional information on the Warriors and their powers doesn't hurt.


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Activision's compiled a nifty clip showing off some previous revealed music from the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, so let's let the bodies hit the floor, get our money for nothing and pour some sugar on this rock montage.


Every bundle of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock that ships this fall will come with Activision's new removable wing guitar controller, but only by preordering at GameStop will you score the axe of power.


Activision reveals the next entry in the Guitar Hero franchise, Warriors of Rock, featuring more than 90 tracks, a Gene Simmons-powered quest mode, and new challenges for every track in the Guitar Hero catalogue. Check out the first 35 tracks!