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I've played some Fortnite matches alone and with friends, but the game never clicks with me. I don't like building or dealing with expert builders. So I was excited to try out the previously PC only H1Z1, which recently started an open beta on PS4.


If your player base is tanking and you've tried everything else under the sun to boost numbers, what do you do? Go free-to-play, of course. This is the route Daybreak has taken with its title H1Z1, dropping the price from $US19.99 (~$26) to zilch.


Online zombie game H1Z1, one of the many survival games that's been on Steam Early Access for what feels like decades now, is splitting into two games later this month, developer Daybreak said today.


Launching a game is hard. So what happens when you release a high-profile title with the world watching and things break? Lots of things. Worse, it takes at least a day to fix stuff when a retweet can happen in seconds. Let's talk to H1Z1's senior game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt.


You know the first rule of fight club, don't you? Well, these H1Z1 players broke it a bunch. But, in the process, they herded other hapless players into a tooth-and-nail brawl to the death, and I'd like to think that having a fight club at all is more important than remembering to not talk about it.