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The battle for supremacy in Halo 4 that kicked off at the Rooster Teeth Expo earlier this month and continued at Gamescom will conclude at PAX Prime this weekend. The Halo 4 Global Championship Finals began yesterday at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, and they continue today. Tomorrow's finale will be live streamed from 4 to 6 PT.


Halo has always had a rich history in eSports but as of recently it has fallen from the spotlight thanks to a lack of a presence at some of the larger eSports events like Major League Gaming's Pro Circuit. While Halo took a backseat in the competitive gaming scene, games like League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and Call of Duty have taken the reigns.


A new bundle of DLC -- the Champions Bundle -- is coming to Halo 4 on Aug. 20, 343 said today at the Rooster Teeth Expo. It's cost 800 Microsoft Points, and will introduce a new armour pack, a skin pack, and a new game type called Ricochet.


Bill Doran makes replica video game weapons so good that were they not recreations of things that didn't actually exist, you'd swear they were the real thing. His latest work is this enormous Halo sniper rifle, which, yeah, looks so much like something Master Chief would actually use it's hard to believe it's actually just made out of fibreboard.


My name is Nathan (RC) Peters. In March 2011, I was hired on as a contract Quality Assurance tester to work at Certain Affinity studios in Austin, Texas. I worked on the multiplayer portion of Halo 4. Here is an inside look at the reality of being a contract worker within a video game company, and why you should never accept a job as a contractor.


Their name alone speaks volumes about what their architecture embodies: the way they see themselves, the image they want to present to others. Forerunners. A group of individuals that comes along before others, setting the stage for their existence. They named themselves this, with all the vanity in the world.


343 Industries announced during a PAX East panel yesterday that Halo 4 will soon get its own version of Halo: Reach's Forge World map (pictured above), a feature that has been missed since 4 launched. Called "Forge Island" and releasing for free on April 11, the map will provide a series of open spaces in which Halo 4 forgers can putz around and try to smack one another by swinging tanks around like giant, deadly paddles. That's what I'm going to do there, at least.


Watching someone who isn't too familiar with video games try their hand at Halo 4 can be pretty hilarious. But when it's Conan O'Brien testing out 343's first entry in the series, it's that much funnier. Even if he does roll his eyes a little too much at the storyline.