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Welcome to 2014, where it is apparently unreasonable to buy a video game and expect it to work properly. One of this month's biggest culprits has been Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a compilation of Halo remakes that's been infested with bugs since it came out two weeks ago, with the most prominent problems surrounding multiplayer matchmaking.


Although I waxed poetic on my own personal favourite Halo map -- Lockout -- yesterday, even I can admit that the most famous of all Halo multiplayer maps is Blood Gulch, AKA Coagulation. Microsoft has just announced that this classic map will be among the six, from-the-ground-up remakes for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Blood Gulch has a new name: Bloodline.


The last Master Chief game made by Bungie came out seven years ago, long before HD resolutions became the norm for most video games. Microsoft's given it a full graphical upgrade for the modern era though. Check out what Halo 3 looks like in high-definition.


The next Halo game will launch with a massive day-one update, Microsoft announced today -- you'll have to download 20 GB worth of "features and multiplayer content" to complete the Halo: Master Chief Collection, which is out November 11 for Xbox One.


Halo: Master Chief Collection would -- in theory -- be a perfect point of entry for PC gamers who've missed out on the series over the years. So why is it, for now, Xbox One-only? And could that change?