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Sometimes, Overwatch force-feeds its players unwanted changes, such as giving its robot turret Bastion an overpowered self-healing arm or breaking porcine tank Roadhog's hook. On these days, the sky falls.

Other days, it's Overwatch Christmas, complete with a big ol' sack of crowd-pleasing balance changes. Yesterday was one of those days: Blizzard solved its two-year-old Hanzo problem.


Yesterday, Hanzo mains the world over discovered a pleasant surprise while using their one ability that actually does damage: Scatter arrow now has a shorter cooldown, meaning it can be used more often. Blizzard admits this buff was accidental, but for the time being, may not revert it.


If you're an Overwatch player capable of pulling off pro strats such as switching characters when the moment calls for it, you're probably perplexed by Hanzo mains, who stick by their limited hero of choice at all costs. Consider, though, that perhaps being a Hanzo main is actually a heroic and poetic struggle perfectly summed up by classic post-apocalyptic martial arts anime Fist of the North Star.


While it's possible to play Overwatch and not pay attention to its lore, there's a part of that game's fandom that loves it for its lore. These fans theorise about character backgrounds, make fan art, and often obsess over the possible romantic pairing in the game, known as "shipping."

They imagine former friends Reaper and Soldier 76 sharing intimate moments in easier times, or they dream of rivals Widowmaker and Tracer falling in love on the battlefield. There are also fans who ship Genji and Hanzo. That's where some fans think shipping goes too far, because Genji and Hanzo aren't former friends or rivals. They're brothers.