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Last spring, a producer for CBS This Morning called me to talk about the video game Hatred. I had been on CBS a year earlier to teach co-anchor Gayle King how to play Grand Theft Auto V, the biggest entertainment property in the human-discovered universe. This time, instead of talking about a game made by some of the most accomplished designers in the medium, I was being asked to go on network television to talk about a commercial on YouTube for a game that didn't yet exist made by a studio that basically no one had ever heard of. "It's causing quite a stir online because of its intense killing spree nature," I was told by email. Of course I said yes.


Hatred is a game about the wanton slaughter of people fuelled by nothing but pure, well, hatred. Its trailer came out this week, and many people found it to be upsetting, even deplorable. Video games, however, frequently revel in over-the-top violence. So why is everybody talking about this game in particular?