heather’s indie pick

A Surreal Multiplayer Game About Sentient Cubes

Zarvot is two different games smashed together. One is a surrealist story about voxel-blasting cubes on a journey to bring their best bud a banana for their birthday. The other is a shooty, smashy multiplayer hell-fight simulator where chaos reigns. Both bring their own silly spin on their respective genres.

A Cyberpunk Detective Game About Finding Rogue Androids

In Subserial Network, humanity as we know it doesn’t exist. Instead, synthetic beings populate the world. They live mostly normal lives. There’s only one rule: Don’t connect yourself directly to the net. The synthetics who disobey are deemed “Subserials”. Your job is to hunt them down.

A Relaxing Game Where You Serve Coffee To Orcs

It’s a late night shift and things are quiet. That nosy journalist who always says she’s working on a book took her espresso and sat down in the corner. A dapper looking elf wanders in with his literal succubus of a girlfriend. It’s gonna be a slow night in Coffee…