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In Subserial Network, humanity as we know it doesn’t exist. Instead, synthetic beings populate the world. They live mostly normal lives. There’s only one rule: Don’t connect yourself directly to the net. The synthetics who disobey are deemed “Subserials”. Your job is to hunt them down.


Created by Her Story designer Sam Barlow, WarGames works like an interactive television show. It follows the story of Kelly, a hacker who goes from prankster to leader of a group exposing government secrets.

As players choose what they see on screen, they slowly shape Kelly's personality and make key choices that affect the story. Not everything works, but it's an interesting experiment.


What nostalgia looks like in 2017 isn't what it looked like at the dawn of video games. The virtual worlds in which we play have long hinged on callbacks to outdoor things, countryside adventures, wooded escapes or play-fighting in the grass.

Yes, many of our childhoods were spent in backyard kid gangs, dreaming of brotherly knighthood, mystical water fairies or whatever. Endless Steam inventories of fantasy role-playing games reflect this obsession with the natural, pure way things were. My childhood was no different, at least half the time, when I wasn't on the internet. Finally, games are catching up to that.


If you the idea of playing a new Worms game sounds good, but spending $US25 does not, good news. Worms: Clan Wars is available for the sweet price of bugger all right now, and you can get the excellent Her Story and 80 Days with it as well.


As the year rolled on, it became increasingly obvious that 2015 was not going to be filled with the lacklustre levels of quality that disappointed so many in 2014. June didn't prove to be any more of a packed month than, well, June of any other year. But there was some definite highs -- and a few very obvious lows.