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Mike "Typo" Bassett, the devoted Super Smash Bros. Melee player who continues to shatter distance ceilings in the title's Home Run Contest mini-game, recently surpassed another decade-old record, this time with Pokemon mainstay Jigglypuff. And now, with a massive goal within reach, he's well on his way to becoming the mode's undisputed champion.


The Home Run Contest mode in Super Smash Brothers looks straightforward. You choose one of the game's fighters and face off against an inanimate sandbag. As a 10-second timer counts down, you try to inflict as much damage as possible on the bag. Depending on how much damage you dole out, the bag could end up flying several thousand metres. But if you want to beat the world record with any character in the Home Run Contest, then you're going to have to learn some unconventional strategies that have taken years for players to discover.